About Us


Our Trend for the Future: The Super-Organization
The future of organizations is that of the Super-Organization. A Super-Organization is an umbrella conglomerate that is comprised of a group of smaller, individual entities who join together in common cause. The individual organizations function as independent entities, much as they have always done, but with the added ‘acceleration’ and benefit that the Super-Organization network provides in collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and overall efficacy. This not only increases each non-profit’s own individual potency, but, when the organizations come together, forms a movement with a collective impact far greater than any one organization could achieve on its own.

The Redemption Project has been designed to serve as the overall umbrella entity that contains within it many current, existing organizations- and smaller, personal efforts by people – whose underlying purpose is to work towards increased Jewish unity, social repair, or ultimate Tikkun.

A Movement That is Fresh and Agile
With decades of collective experience in the fields of communal and government management, The Redemption Project seeks to modernize on all that has preceded it and to be more agile, effective, and self-generating than any entity ever established in the Jewish world. To this end, we have created a network of volunteer leaders that, while global, is also largely self-sufficient, allowing The Redemption Project to run with relatively minimal staff.

The World Can be a Better Place!

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