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The Book of Malachi

The dire need for the social repair that The Redemption Project hoped to achieve was already predicted in the Book of Malachi, where it describes the social issues that will exist amongst the Jews ‘at the end of days.’ Unsurprisingly, the sages explain the problems listed as being eerily similar to those plaguing Jews today: loss of moral clarity, infighting between the various Jewish sects, insufficient respect and understanding for traditions, lack of national unity and, as a consequence, deficiencies in authentic national or personal holiness. What then is the resulting missive laid out in the Book of Malachi? G-d promises that, if we work hard and begin to do the Social Repair needed to mend these rifts, then G-d guarantees that He too will remember His covenant and will bring the Messiah. This event is clearly promised in Sefer Malachi’s famous last passage, a passage which concurrently holds special significance as the final passage, and thus concluding missive, of all the books of the Navi (Prophets):

‘Behold I will send for you Eliyahu the prophet before comes the Day of the Lord, the Great and Awesome Day. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the hearts of the sons to the fathers…’

It is this very movement towards Social Repair, or Tikkun, that The Redemption Project is working to foster.

The Goal: The Redemption Project will serve as the infrastructure necessary to facilitate and build momentum towards a global Movement, meant to re-invigorate the Jewish community and exponentially increase international Jewish cohesion, collaboration, social ‘re-pair,’ and thus, national strength.

But we need you.

A mass Jewish unity initiative, the likes of The Redemption Project, is unlike any project ever previously attempted, in both scale and scope. It is not an organization, nor does it strive to be. It is a rapid, quick-paced movement and its ‘project’ is in each and every person coming together with their unique skill sets and purpose, and contributing their individual ‘piece’ to our collective puzzle. The Redemption Project is the joining of each and every one of you and our pledge to begin treating each other as members of the proud nation that we are. By definition, it requires each and every Jew and their unique contribution, on board.

The World Can be a Better Place!

Join the Movement Sweeping the Jewish World.